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So this summer we’re taking a stand with 1/2 price sunscreen for melanoma sufferers!

More & more people come to us each year saying they’ve had this & that cut out, and if only they’d had their Skinnies when they were younger, then they wouldn’t be in this state.

Because skin cancer can be prevented, we’re making a stand. We’re determined to look after kids & families today, reducing the chance of cancer in future.

With NZ, Aus & California experiencing thousands of cases of skin cancer every year, and many resulting in death, we want to reduce the risks. While we might not be able to beat it all, we’ll do our best to make a positive difference. And that starts right here with 1/2 price Skinnies SPF30 broad spectrum 100ml sungel for those people with skin cancer, or who’ve had a melanoma scare.

For everyone else buying Skinnies at normal price we’ll donate a portion to the Melanoma Foundation. Or if you’re after a deal too, sign up to our database and look out for online offers on Skinnies products.

Join the Skinnies movement and give skin cancer the cold shoulder this summer!

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How to apply the discount

Simply click the button below and a 100ml Skinnies SPF30 Sungel will be auto added to your cart ready for you to checkout. Limited to 3x 100ml tubes per melanoma customer. Honesty applies! Applies to online purchases through melanoma offer on Skinnies Sungel 100ml tubes only. Does not apply to basal cell carcinoma.

Never get sunburnt and remember sunscreen isn’t just for sunny days.

Terms & Conditions: 1/2 price Skinnies sunscreen is available to melanoma sufferers, for 100ml tubes purchased through our online store, until 28 February 2019. Skinnies reserves the right to end the offer at any stage, or extend it beyond this date. Limited to 3 tubes per purchase, while stocks last. This offer is based on honesty, so for those thinking about trying to scam a half price tube of ‘the good stuff’ watch out, coz we believe in karma and what goes around comes around. The offer for ½ price Skinnies 100ml tubes is available to qualifying purchases made from New Zealand, Australia & California, for those anywhere else in the world, please get in touch with us & we’ll see how we can help hook you up with Skinnies at a deal price for the same time period. For deliveries within New Zealand a courier fee of $5.00 applies. Deliveries to Aus & California are shipped via NZ Post Courier from $18. See checkout for international pricing, or contact us at for more info. Enjoy the sunshine safely!