Skinnies waterless sunscreen is born – Skinnies NZ

Back in 2010 - Skinnies is born

The summer of 2010 was hot. Really hot. We were down under, in New Zealand, dutifully slip, slop, slapping on greasy white sunscreen and hating every second of it.  

Olly came in from doing "man's work" outside under the ozone hole. Sweaty and dusty over a greasy white sheen he picked up the blue bottle on the bench saying, "Seriously, do I have to put more of this on?".

In typical Kiwi fashion, if you don't like something or you think there's got to be a better way, you do something about it. 

We should launch a sunscreen, he said. It'll have to be different. No slopping, no mess, he said. Not greasy, not white...and the bottle could look cool instead of...not. It's for your skin, and you should use a "skinny" amount. We could call it SKINNIES!

We pondered the idea for a couple of days imagining a sunscreen that didn't leave you white or greasy, that felt light on your skin and of course, worked!

We looked at each other and said: Let's do this!